About Us

Our technician arrives on time to your door in a Roger’s Uniform, in Roger’s Work Vehicle, Ready to Work.

We assess the situation following the Customer’s concern. We Diagnose, Price, Request Customer’s Approval, Perform Sourcing and Service, Test, Clean, Collect and Complete.


Our Story

Providing Plumbing Services for over 40 years

Let’s agree on the price before work begins, preventing pressure and possible discontentment. Feel free to share all of your concerns and ask questions before we begin work.

Our technician offers to assist you with any other issues you have on the same trip at a combination discount job rate.

If you are looking for professional plumbing and heating in White Rock look no further as Roger’s Plumbing And Heat is the place for you. Roger’s Plumbing And Heat provides some of the best plumbing and heating White Rock has to offer. Please visit us again at Rogertheplumberbc.com if you are looking for dependable plumbing and heating in White Rock

Brisbane Plumbing Connections

At Roger The Plumber BC we also have contacts in Brisbane, Queensland. Our clients in the Brisbane area work with The Brisbane Plumbers to great success. Make sure to check out the Brisbane Plumbers on their website today.